Magnificent view Hvar
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Adjective: luxurious; heritage; astonishing; superior; mysterious.

Inspired by a contemporary Mediterranean style and set in the super exclusive gated community of Hvar, Magnificent View project consist of an intimate collection of seven, individual deluxe four-bedroom suites which are merged with the surrounding environment.

Carefully positioned in the tranquil location, sitting atop the Old town, far from the crowd, this position gives the possibility to feel the real atmosphere of Hvar Island.

From the steep terrain slope, all villas have an impressive view, looking directly at the beach and a fascinating group of islands, Paklinski Islands. Apart from the view, new owners will enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate and the proximity of the sea, providing the real hedonistic experience where one would not have to think about anything but experiencing luxury.

To ensure the highest possible comfort during the stay the ideally suited „smart" house concept will allow the homeowners to control and adjust all house devices..

Although the city center and the beach are very close, each villa will be equipped with a car and two electric bicycles, allowing new owners complete freedom and maximizing shopping, sightseeing, and swimming opportunities.




Croatia is a small country in the heart of Europe with more than a thousand islands across the Adriatic Sea. Croatia enjoys 2,715 hours of sunshine a year, and almost 10% of Croatia is made up of the 11 nature parks, eight national parks, and two nature reserves.

Besides the clear blue sea, a lot of warm sunny days, and excellent cuisine, there are a handful of ancient monuments of past cultures as well as areas with unspoiled nature, that gives a unique charm to Croatian country.

Magnificent view Hvar


In the very heart of the Adriatic Sea and located on the Dalmatian coast, lying between the islands of Brač, Vis and Korčula, Hvar Island is recognized as one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world.

The characteristic features of the Hvar Island include best preserved Ancient-Greek landscape, beautiful beaches, and a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Hvar is the sunniest area in the Adriatic with more than 2 700 sunny hours each year which together with its natural beauty makes this island a significant tourist destination.

The main city of the island, where the Magnificent View project is established, amazing Hvar, famous for its vibrant nightlife as well as a celebrity zone, is facing the astonishing group of Pakleni Islands, well known for their beauty, secluded bays and wild nature which can only be accessed by boat.

Because of the elevated position of the project location future owners will be able to enjoy one of the most remarkable views, looking directly at sea, Pakleni Islands and sunset while the city stretches below, making it an unforgettable experience.

By virtue of its geographical position as an island, Hvar is very well connected with the nearby local airports in Split, Dubrovnik, and Brač. There are more than ten coastal and international ferry and catamaran lines each day, but for those looking for more comfort, there are private speedboats available and an option to arrive on the island by helicopter.

Good news is that due to the high interest of US citizens coming to explore Croatia, there will be a direct flight connection from Dubrovnik to the United States three times a week during the tourist season